Already have an existing door that needs a little TLC? 

We offer a range of upgrades and repairs to existing doors.
Holes in an existing door or flyscreen?
We offer a range of solutions: Flywire, Aluminium wire, Pet mesh to allow air flow and keep out the unwanted creepy crawlies.
What is Petmesh?
Petmesh is a woven rubber based product that gives you the same look and airflow but stops your four legged best friend from putting holes in your security doors.
Restricted Vision Mesh allows you clear vision looking from the inside out whilst blocking peoples view looking in, this product is extremely popular on front doors.


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Looking for a little extra security?
Upgrade from a single lock to a triple lock! That's right, we can install a triple lock on your existing door, or include one with your new door.
Looking for a new handle?
We can replace any existing hinged or sliding door handle and upgrade to the latest make and model.
Tired of the kids thinking they live in a tent?
Automatic Door Closures are available for hinged and sliding doors.
Need some new Wheels?
Is your door just not sliding like it used to? We can replace the wheels and bring it back to its former glory.
Key Alike?
Sick of having to search through a pile of keys? We can key all your doors to the same key!

Not sure what to do? Where to start? Have a question not answered, Click the contact button and give us a call I guarantee we can help.t

   BROWN                           WHITE                            BLACK                       PRIMROSE                        BRONZE

Triple locks available for hinged or sliding doors.

Available in Black, Primrose, Merino, White, upgrade your security today

Available in Black, Primrose, Merino, White, upgrade your security today


Sick of having to get up and let your four legged friend in or out?

We can provide and install small, medium or large dog doors in any existing or new screen door.

Small Petway® Access Door Opening: height 240mm * 190mm width

Medium Petway® Access Door Opening: height 305mm * 225mm width

Large Petway® Access Door Opening: height 400mm * 260mm width